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My name is Kanika, let me tell you more... AJ'S CHILDCARE is a state licensed childcare home located in the Natomas District. I provide a safe, caring, and encouraging environment that promotes learning and child development. My daycare houses an age-appropriate classroom and educational toys designed to foster your childs creativity and mind along with the Your Baby Can Read Program for infants and The Mother Goose Preschool Curriculum and Preschool prep for toddler to school aged children.

Our Curriculum

Ages 2 years to 4 years.
It's a whole new world out there once your little one takes their first steps! They begin walking, talking, and developing relationships with one another. I provide a program filled with sensory experiences that focus on the importance of their relationships and environment. I give an unparalleled level of individual interaction while nurturing and encouraging your child.

*Regular communication between myself and parents through daily notes to inform you of your childs day.

*Development of trust, self-esteem, and confidence.

*Monthly themes which provide an array of daily activities, crafts, amd experiences.

* Letter of the week, Number of the week, Color of the week.

*Balance of learning, play, and nurturing throughout the day.

Ages 6 weeks to 2 years.
You are looking for a secure and safe "home away from home" where your infant can grow, learn, and play. I provide a nurturing and creative world where your child can develope both their body and mind. I focus on the importance of positive interaction with your child through talking, singing, and reading. Age- appropriate activities promote social and intellectual development in a warm, loving environment.

*Regular communication between myself and parents through daily notes to inform you of your child day.

*Stimulating activities, both individual and group to encourage play and learning.

*Individual care which builds self-esteem and trust.

*Age-appropriate toys and music to stimulate development

Ages 3/4 and 5 years.
Preschoolers are eager to learn! Their world completely opens up in new directions when they begin to interact with peers, learn complex games, and improve coordination.
My program called "Focus Learning" introduces and teaches the fundamentals needed to enter Kindergarten. Through writing, coloring, singing, and flashcards children learn their numbers, letters, shapes, and colors. There is plenty of individual attention given to support your childs unique needs.

*Regular communication between myself and parents.

*Themes which encourage curiosity, confidence, and self direction.

*Math and science skills developed through hands on experiences.


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